Progress to MySQL Database Migration Routines



Version 3 of Pro2my supports the conversion of PROGRESS databases version 6 and higher. It also has improved dump capabilities. Use this product in conjuction with xPollinate to convert old PROGRESS databases to any number of new formats. Simply build a MySQL database using Pro2My, then reconvert the MySQL database to the required format. The utilities maintain the integrity of the schema and data, no matter how many conversions are made.
This suite of PROGRESS programs is designed to permit the migration of PROGRESS databases to mySQL by the creation of schema and data dumps.

  • Produces a schema dump ready to be directly imported into a MySQL database
  • Produces a data dump compatible with the MySQL fast load format
  • Converts database security (_user) records into MySQL grant Statements


The programs in this suite are distributed as unencrypted source code. They dynamically generate PROGRESS 4GL code. In order to use them, you must have a Version 6 or higher PROGRESS 4GL development license installed on the machine you are using them on.


The free version of this software is distributed under the terms of the GPL license. Full information on how this affects the use and distribution of the software is included in the documentation.
This software is also available in a more restricted, commercial license format. If you would like to license this software on this basis, please contact the address on the left.