A simple perl script for dynamically building web pages with PROGRESS 4GL



Derived from the circa 1995, this is a perl 5 compatible version. Use when:

  • You want a simple development strategy for a small, web based application.
  • You only have Progress 4GL licenses available.
  • You have legacy 4GL source code that you can leverage, but dont want to move to a Webspeed based application development environment.

Basic Syntax

			put unformatted "<html>".
			put unformatted "<head>".
			put unformatted "</head>".
			put unformatted "<body>".
			put unformatted "</body>".
			put unformatted "</html>".


You must have perl 5 installed on the system.

  • copy the script to the web server cgi-bin directory.
  • modify the DLC, PROEXE and Propath Values in the script.
  • Create a file in the root directory of the application directory.
  • The programs must exist under the htdocs subdirectory. Create a symbolic link, or you may be able to use apache directory mapping, or IIS virtual directories.

Configuring the web server

A Cool effect

It's possible to configure the Apache web server so that a progress .p file can be run directly from the browser, e.g.
To achieve the effect, make the following changes to the Apache httpd.conf file

In the mod_mime section, add the following information

			AddType text/progress .p
			AddHandler procgi .p .r
			Action procgi /cgi-bin/                       


This software is distributed under the terms of the GPL license.