A Simple PHP class to allow access into PROGRESS databases from PHP applications



The proPHP class is a simple PHP class that allows access to PROGRESS databases and 4GL in the same way as the procgi perl module does, except that it allows the access directly from PHP.

The system requirements are exactly the same as for procgi, except that PHP should be installed on the server. The code is designed for use with PHP version 4.2 and higher, for earlier releases it may be necessary to modify the class.

How the class works


  1. Edit the file and adjust the path statements to reflect your PROGRESS configuration. The PROPATH MUST point to the htdocs directory of your web server.
  2. If your PROGRESS programs are installed elsewhere on the server, create a link so that the root of your programs directory is a subdirectory of htdocs.
  3. Create a PROGRESS .pf file called in the root of your programs directory. Add at least entries for database (-db), Temp directory (-T) and batch processing (-b).

$myDLC = new DLC; Instantiate a copy of the DLC class
$retcode = $myDLC->Execute("/progress/application/program.p"); Execute the progress program 'program.p' in the /progress/application directory


$myDLC->dlcData The data returned from the PROGRESS program
$myDLC->sysErrNo The last progress error number
$myDLC->sysErrDesc The last progress error description


See the example programs in the download file


This software is distributed under the terms of the GPL license.