An XML Based Database Cross-Conversion Library

Download Version 1.0 (1st December 2004)


xPollinate is a database-independant method of converting the schema and data from one type of database to another. Based on the highly successful ADODB database extraction layer for PHP, and the XMLSCHEMA sub-project, this new project uses database independant XML based schema and data files to allows the direct conversion of data and schemas inside numerous open source and commercial databases such as MySQL, Postgres, Firebird, SQLite, Oracle, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL server.

The programs take care of all aspects of the data conversion, such as appropriate conversion of data types, The project should ease the pain of data conversion, as well as allowing the easy building of data warehousing and archival applications.

xPollinate cannot handle concepts such as the conversion of stored procedures or the contents of BLOB fields, and may be unable to convert foreign keys, depending on the database types. The speed of exporting and importing the data may be substantially slower than that achieved using native database utilities.


You must have PHP version 4.3 or higher installed on the machine from which you want to load the database. xPollinate uses the CLI (Command Line Interface) functions of PHP. You do not need to have a running web server to use them. If you are running on windows the most recent version 4 builds of PHP have the php.exe in the \cli subdirectory. If you are building PHP under Linux/Unix, ensure that you build the cli module. These programs are not yet qualified for PHP version 5.

Source And Destination Databases

The software has been tested against the following databases

  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server
  • IBM DB2
  • SQLite
  • mySQL
  • postgresql
The following databases are in the compatibility list, but have not yest been tested
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft FoxPro
  • Interbase/Firebird
  • Informix
  • SapDB (MySQL Max)
  • Sybase


The software is distributed under the terms of the BSD license. You may use the software in any way you choose compatible with the licensing model